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Aqipa excites at Career Days of FH Kufstein - News / Pressroom - AQIPA INSIDE

Mar 23 2022

Aqipa excites at Career Days of FH Kufstein

Aqipa presented its products, company and culture at the Career Days of FH Kufstein, on Friday March 19th 2022.

A big crowd of over 500 students stormed the exhibition floor at FH Kufstein on Friday to get informed about new employers, job opportunities and internship openings. We made a noticeable appearance right at the entrance of the hall and presented some
of our coolest products from Marshall speakers to Unagi e-scooters and the environmentally-friendly water carbonator from Mysoda.

As an incentive for all students that registered online at our job site here , they get an Aqipa Spritz at Parkcafé Kufstein.

We also tried to be innovative in the way we designed our job ads! Can you guess which of these offers were ours?