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Shutdown Pure Internet Radio Service Flow - News / Pressroom - AQIPA INSIDE

Apr 27 2023

Shutdown Pure Internet Radio Service Flow

As a pioneer in digital radio, Pure has been developing tailored services and software that weren’t widely available at the time. One of these technologies was the Flow software platform that allowed Pure to consolidate and stream internet radio stations to its devices. 

The internet radio landscape has seen significant advancements in recent years, with newer formats such as Podcast and HLS Streaming becoming the new market standard. These new platforms offer customers a more advanced audio listening experience, which is not supported by the Flow platform. As a result, Pure has made the difficult decision to shut down Flow and focus on developing the newer technologies available.

So, from May 9th, 2023, the cloud-based Flow Internet Radio Portal will be switched off.

This is currently used by some older Pure radios to gain access to internet radio, as well as by the ‘Pure Connect’ App, which is the companion app for Pure Jongo Speakers.

As such, the older Pure radios affected will no longer support the internet radio mode. And Jongo users will be unable to stream internet radio to their (multi-room) speakers via the Pure Connect App.

This change in technology does not affect the majority of Pure customers, nor users of the Pure Select app, which is still available and fully functional.

We understand that this adjustment may cause inconveniences, but we believe that the move of letting go old technology, focusing on new one, will ensure that our customers have access to the best possible audio listening experience going forward.

Only selective older radio models are affected, including:

  • Avanti Flow 
  • Contour 
  • Evoke F4
  • Evoke Flow
  • Oasis Flow
  • One Flow
  • Sensia
  • Sensia 200D
  • Siesta Flow 
  • Sirocco 550
  • Jongo Speakers (when using Pure Connect App)

You can find more details on the Pure support page: